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Filtrartech specializes in dust control systems, i.e. air pollution control devices with the purpose of improving the air quality and thus, the employees’ state of health. The Filtrartech team complies with the CSST rigorous standards both inside and outside the work premises.

The team composed of experienced technicians has all the necessary skills and specialized tools needed to optimize the existing industrial dust control systems. The innovative cutting-edge technologies developed by Filtrartech enable its clients to successfully fight air pollution eliminating even the finest particles.

Filtrartech always provides a thorough evaluation of the client’s needs establishing a complete diagnosis after a visit and a minute inspection of the premises. Every implemented system is thus tailored to every client’s industrial environment and our personnel ensure complete support once the system is installed.

Filtrartech offers services for the design, production and installation of dust collectors, customized to the needs of the client. Every client is provided with technical support to ensure the proper working of the implemented system. In case of a dust collector already existing in the client’s premises, we offer the service for the restoration of the equipment and the network balancing.

As for maintaining the dust control systems, Filtrartech offers tailored intra-company training for all the kinds of the existing systems.