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Filtrartech prepares the design, manufactures, and implements industrial vacuum cleaning systems tailored to respond the client’s needs. The equipment can be designed fixed or mobile, as to enable the usage of the vacuum cleaner in some different parts of the factory.

Filtrartech implements highly efficient and well-proven methods for the recovery of non-contaminated dusts in the industry. The abovementioned methods and equipment are as efficient and effective as the kind of trucks that are generally used for the pipes cleaning, but cost much less. The recovered dusts can be disposed into containers, bags, silos or spiral conveyors.

The method our team has developed makes it possible to recover the filtered matters by packaging. In order to avoid potential contaminati


on which can result from the contact between different materials, our team uses independent units in accordance with the matter which should be eliminated. With the help of those methods, the clients are able to keep those matters or sell them in order to optimize their waste management.


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