Professional services

When time and experience are of the essence

When you need things done on site rapidly by professionals who are highly experienced in dust recovery and valorization but also in industrial maintenance, look no further.*

Filtrartech can send teams of highly qualified technicians to your plant for a day or all year round so you can focus on your operations.

*Only available in Quebec

Fire and explosion protection

Filtrartech is the best partner when it comes to protecting your people and assets against fire and explosion hazards. We include in the design all the equipment required to mitigate and control risks, in accordance with NFPA and ATEX standards.

Engineering services (design, calculations, project management, drawings, project estimating, etc.)

Filtrartech offers all engineering services to help you build your project. Our qualified team helps you through the initiating, planning and executing phases of your project according to the best practices of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). Our engineering team can offer a specific diagnosis for your problematic dust collection system by monitoring and measuring data.

Turnkey projects

Filtrartech has all the resources required to complete your project, from the engineering phase to installation, commissioning and production start-up. We can also provide equipment and maintenance training.

Equipment rental

Filtrartech offers a rental service. If your project requires dust collectors or vacuum cleaning only on a short-term basis, we have the equipment you need.

Inspection service

Adding a dust collector or vacuum system is often a major investment. We provide you with an inspection service to make sure that your old or new equipment will offer effective and lasting performance. Our specialized technicians will carry out on-site examination of your dust collector down to the smallest details and give you a complete status report. Depending on the case, our team can replace defective parts and fix your equipment or simply perform standard maintenance.

Filtrartech strongly recommends regular periodic inspections to keep your dust collector in good condition. You will prevent costly repairs and extend the service life of your equipment.